Carbon Strategies

In-depth expertise for carbon sequestration asset development and Net Zero objectives

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Schaper Energy Consulting, together with our partners, offer educational products which are aimed at enhancing knowledge on CCUS opportunities and challenges. These offerings are delivered in-person or through webinar format and are intended to clarify the pre-development approach to CCUS, including understanding the economic framework for conducting a project.

CCUS Site Feasibility

Our team evaluates potential carbon sequestration sites to address feasibility for use in long term carbon dioxide sequestration. Analysis of reservoir parameters and offsetting penetrations, assessment of regulatory compliance, identification of site risk factors and creating an economic model are features of these engagements.

CCUS Site Certification

Schaper Energy partners with site developers to complete Monitoring, Reporting & Verification (MRV) plans and certify sites under ISO 27914 (Geologic Sequestration) or ISO 27916 (EOR). This process enables site developers to meet the high standards of credit counterparties and regulatory bodies.

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