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Schaper Energy Consulting, in collaboration with our strategic partners, offers comprehensive educational programs focused on industrial decarbonization, particularly Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) opportunities and challenges. Our programs are designed to enhance industry knowledge and facilitate informed decision-making in the realm of CCUS.

These educational offerings are available in webinar formats, catering to diverse learning preferences and needs. Our curriculum covers a wide array of topics, including the technical aspects of CCUS, regulatory and economic frameworks, project pre-development strategies, and best practices for implementation.

Participants will gain a thorough understanding of the economic and operational considerations essential for successful CCUS projects. Our goal is to equip industry professionals with the insights and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of CCUS and contribute to the broader objective of industrial decarbonization.

CCUS Site Feasibility

Our team conducts comprehensive evaluations of potential carbon sequestration sites to determine their feasibility for long-term carbon dioxide storage. These engagements encompass an in-depth analysis of reservoir parameters and offsetting penetrations, ensuring a robust understanding of the site’s geological suitability. We conduct detailed examinations of reservoir characteristics, including porosity, permeability, and capacity, to assess the site’s potential for effective CO2 storage.

Additionally, we thoroughly assess regulatory requirements and compliance to ensure alignment with local, state, and federal guidelines. Our feasibility studies also identify and evaluate potential site-specific risk factors, including geological hazards and environmental impacts. Furthermore, we develop comprehensive economic models to evaluate the financial viability of the sequestration project, incorporating cost-benefit analysis and long-term financial projections. By integrating these critical elements, we provide a holistic evaluation of each potential site, enabling informed decision-making and facilitating the successful implementation of carbon sequestration initiatives.

CCUS Site Certification

Schaper Energy collaborates with site developers to achieve certification of carbon sequestration sites by completing comprehensive Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) plans in accordance with ISO 27914 (Geologic Sequestration) and ISO 27916 (Enhanced Oil Recovery, EOR) standards.

Our rigorous certification process ensures that sites meet the stringent requirements of credit counterparties and regulatory bodies, thereby enhancing the credibility and reliability of the sequestration project. We meticulously document and verify all aspects of the sequestration process, from initial injection to long-term monitoring, ensuring compliance with international standards and regulatory expectations. This thorough approach not only facilitates regulatory approval but also strengthens stakeholder confidence in the sustainability and efficacy of the sequestration efforts.

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