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Big Data Analytics

We specialize in big data analytics, leveraging power system features and open-domain data to provide comprehensive insights into power system dynamics. Our advanced analytics enable the formation of macroscopic views of power system behavior, addressing both current power needs and the feasibility of future generation buildouts.

By integrating vast datasets and employing sophisticated analytical techniques, we deliver actionable intelligence that supports strategic decision-making in power generation and distribution. Our insights are instrumental in optimizing system performance, enhancing grid reliability, and informing the development of scalable, sustainable energy solutions.


Schaper Energy offers specialized cross-domain analysis services for power systems, integrating the complexities of natural gas feedstock and renewable energy inputs. Our comprehensive evaluations are crucial for determining the feasibility of power generation projects and conducting root cause analyses of system outages.

By examining the interplay between conventional and renewable energy sources, we provide clients with in-depth insights that enhance operational efficiency and reliability. Our expertise enables stakeholders to optimize generation strategies, mitigate risks, and ensure a resilient power infrastructure. Through meticulous analysis and advanced modeling, we support informed decision-making and strategic planning in the ever-evolving energy landscape.

Expert Witness

Schaper Energy provides expert witness services for clients involved in litigation related to power system failures. Our team delivers robust analytical frameworks to accurately establish root causes and substantiate actions taken by customers. Leveraging extensive industry expertise and state-of-the-art methodologies, we conduct thorough investigations and generate detailed reports that withstand legal scrutiny. Our testimony is backed by comprehensive data analysis and technical insights, ensuring a clear and authoritative representation of the facts. We are committed to supporting our clients through complex legal proceedings with professionalism and precision, enhancing their ability to achieve favorable outcomes.

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