“We have worked with Andrew and his team at Schaper Energy Consulting for the past 3 years. They have consistently delivered high quality, dependable deliverables on a very timely basis. The team is responsive to requests along with making themselves available to discuss any inquires on our end. I would highly recommend Schaper Energy and their services to all.”

Jay Crandell, CPA, Palisade Energy

“I’m a commercial banker and I use Andrew on about 90% of my petroleum engineering valuation needs. He provides quality work and is very efficient….and at a reasonable price point. He also has an impressive resume – having the experience and knowledge of working on multiple geographic areas / basins within the US. Highly recommend.”

Parker Heikes

“We utilized Andrew Schaper and his team at Schaper Energy Consulting for the last three years, choosing them over a number of other engineering firms, and I’d highly recommend them. They’re able to tailor their work as necessary, and the detail/accuracy is great. Beyond a routine evaluation, Andrew’s experience allows for both a quantitative and qualitative review of the assets/properties, which sets them apart from other firms.”

Zac Holly

“I have used Schaper Energy Consulting for a number of projects. They are very responsive, work hard to understand the clients needs and objectives, and generate high quality work.”

Aaron Shimek